Books by Mark Conway Munro

Mark Conway Munro  is the author of AppleScript: Developer Reference (2010, Wiley), Learn FileMaker Pro 16 (2017, Apress) and Learn FileMaker Pro 19 (2021, Apress). After a 1988 introduction to FileMaker, Mark began using AppleScript and FileMaker for information management and process automation tasks. In 1994, Mark founded Write Track Media, a computer consultancy firm that develops custom database and workflow automation solutions. Mark builds time-saving custom systems for a diverse list of clients across industries, including education, entertainment, finance, news, publishing, manufacturing, and more. Understanding the virtue of using technology to free human focus from repetitive tasks so they can pursue a higher level of productivity, Mark is unwavering in his commitment to developing the highest quality workflow management solutions.

Reader Comments

“Outstanding! The best book, bar none I’ve ever read on the topic. I found this book to be positively outstanding. Trying to cover the topic of FileMaker comprehensively is no small challenge, I’m sure. The author has done this, all the while being an easy read along your journey. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn the ins and outs of FileMaker or expand their already existing knowledge of this truly one of a kind product.”
— James G. Hankin

“If you need a book that provides a clear, cogent and coherent discussion on database development in the Filemaker environment, this is the book to buy. It provides answers to your questions and procedures for developing a usable database. With this text you can build that database and understand what you are doing and understand why you should do it in a certain manner. And when you need to come back to it (the database) and modify it or add features, you will be happy you have this book as a reference.”
— Amazon Review

“Mark has really done a great job with this. It’s been updated in a slightly newer format and he’s listened to feedback from those who purchased the previous version. It’s a massive undertaking to cover a subject like this and here it’s been done very well. The examples are clear and the writing style not to geekish and heavy for those who are beginners in this area but at the same time giving enough ‘meat’ for advanced users to get their teeth into. A solid publication that will definitely be open at some page or other on my desk for many months to come.”
— Jason Hicking

“Mark Munro’s writing is clear and thoughtful, and this book contains a wealth of knowledge that any FileMaker developer will find useful. As has happened each time with one of Mr. Munro’s books, I had a specific question in mind, found the section dealing with my problem, and found a solution right away! His explanations are clear, and the examples are both practical and useful. Thank you for another great book!”
— J. Smith

“Learn Filemaker Pro 16 gave my career and my skills as a developer a jump start. Highly recommend letting Mark Conway Munro and his books get into your head, you won’t regret it! Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of LFM19!”
— Brett Tyler Reed