myFactory Automation Server

Modular Business Automation Solutions

myFactory is a powerful business automation development platform built for macOS. Starting from a proprietary 64-bit, Universal macOS® Monterey compatible core, we design custom modular automation servers for business workflows. The result is an efficient, expandable hub that autonomously coordinates dozens or hundreds of AppleScript® automation streams.

Introducing the AppleScript Automation Server

Using AppleScript to customize user workstations and provide time-saving assisted process automation is beneficial. Scripts handle repetitive actions quickly and without error, allowing staff more time to focus on other activity. However, as they become more complex, scripts can begin to monopolize screen time, eventually reaching an ironic threshold where employees are forced to be idle watching their computers perform automated tasks.

myFactory completely solves this dilemma. It transforms any Mac into an office “robot” that continuously monitors a workflow and takes action where and when necessary. Scripts are moved away from the workstation and onto a central, dedicated automation server allowing your staff to refocus on more creative work. It is the ultimate digital workflow assistant.


myFactory can do anything that AppleScript can. This is because myFactory is an AppleScript server. Any macOS or third party application feature that can be controlled by scripts can be controlled by myFactory. These are a few examples of solutions we have built for other clients in the past:

◎ Catalog Factory

myFactory scans InDesign templates to generate a profile that a FileMaker® Pro database uses to render catalog pages. Users assign products to boxes in the database and that information is used to automatically generate catalog files in InDesign.

◎ Image Factory

myFactory converts images into various sizes and formats for online publication by a major news organization.

◎ Label Factory

myFactory merges information in a user-generated instruction file to merge templates, custom information and more into customized product labels in QuarkXpress ready for the printer.

◎ Report Factory

myFactory builder PDF certificate and data sheets from data in a FileMaker Pro database and merges, packages and delivers them to customers.

◎ Resume Factory

myFactory adds stamps to PDF resumes files for a recruitment company before integrating them into a folder structure and linking them to a candidate’s FileMaker Pro database record.

☑️ Build Your Factory

Get a myFactory server for your business.

An Integrated Modular Architecture

myFactory solutions are based on a modular design to maximize resource sharing and rapid development times. Custom code is constructed in one of the following types of standard modules:

  • Events
  • Folders
  • Actions
  • Filters
  • Libraries
  • Notifications
  • Schedules
  • Connections

Modules are organized in a folder structure and accessed through the application interface. From here they can be created, duplicated, deleted, renamed, edited, disabled, enabled and joined together into events which instruct myFactory what activity should be performed and when.

The modular architecture makes it easy to get started small and expand gradually. Write Track Media will partner with your staff to discover new ways in which you can benefit from an automation server. Contact us today to get started!

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