Custom Applications

A macOS application designed for your unique workflow empowers your staff with efficient tools that amplify their skills.

Your company is unique and you need software tools reflects what sets you apart from the competition. Mass produced software titles often lack the necessary power to satisfy your team’s quest for efficiency by offering lackluster customization features. Workflow Automation with AppleScript adds a new level of personalization for creating custom tools but can become burdensome when dozens or hundreds of custom scripts demand more time or specialized knowledge to manage and use. A custom application solves all of this; an easy-to-use interface stands between the user and any number of scripts, guiding them in their work and creating a new, fully personalized, highly effective working environment.

Built with Apple’s own development tool; Xcode, a custom app can have the same “look and feel” of other applications on the Macintosh OS allowing the user to interact with buttons, text fields, image boxes, progress bars, check boxes, radio buttons, and other common interface elements to configure and control the hidden fully customized scripts.

custom-app-icon old

A custom application can be unique and powerful. A document-based application, with its own extension, can provide a place to store your ideas, tasks, instructions and communications in a proprietary format. An application might perform a linear process based on instructions entered into an interface or it can perform actions one at a time as selected through the interface. It can look into the file-directory for files to process or it can manipulate files dragged and dropped on it’s icon. Apps can communicate with a remote automation server by collecting and pushing instructions to the appropriate folder. Apps can create, edit, delete, transmit or verify documents; process incoming data, files or mail messages, send out reports or other communications.

What will your custom application help your team achieve?