Workflow Automation

Liberate your digital workflow from laborious repetition with scripts designed to perform specific tasks.

AppleScript is a revolutionary technology that has existed in the operating system of every Macintosh computer for three decades. This amazing technology, exploited by power-users and knowledgeable business leaders, allows any repetitive or time intensive process to be automated with custom scripts. Any task performed on a computer can be automated, including:

  • Manipulate raw data in various ways.
  • Perform actions within a single application.
  • Perform and coordinate activity between multiple applications on a single computer
  • Communicate and exchange data with applications and scripts installed on other computers.

Scripts allow customization of a computer’s operating system and off the shelf software, performing complex tasks automatically while dispassionately applying your unique business rules and formatting standards. They help to eliminating fatigue induced human errors and inconsistencies while empowering employees to pursue more creative goals. The potential for what can be achieved is endless. The return on investment potential is huge.

AppleScript technology allows the development of custom software solutions that are affordable and completely focused on your company’s unique needs and processes and can result in a tremendous benefit to companies when they deploy one or more scripted solutions. It is used every day in a variety of different industries. Any department with users willing to embrace technology that saves them time and allows them to focus on more creative endeavors should be using it.

Script solution can be saved in three basic formats depending on personal preference or the requirements of the solution being developed. Compiled Script File, Application, Interface-Driven Application.

A script can be deployed into various storage locations and usage locations on a Mac depending on the type of functionality it performs and how it will interact with the user or the operating system.

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