“Worth the buy. In depth and easy to read and follow! It’s not light reading but acts as a great reference.”

— Tj Hassler, Amazon Review

“An extensive source for almost every question and concern.”

— Jon Arne, Amazon Review

“A really nice book. Very informative which can be used by a beginner and advanced users.”

— Ryan Tayco

“The book is a model of clarity, a quality it encourages developers of all levels to pursue in their schema, scripts and user interfaces.”

— Walker Stevenson, Reviewer

“Just weeks after the technical review, I found myself actually using the book as a reference and memory refresher.”

— Brian Sanchez, Technical Editor

“Comprehensive treatment of FM 16. Excellent.”

— D. Starr, Amazon Review

“Your book has been a great resource!”

— Drew Fessenden

“I found this book to be positively outstanding.”

“Outstanding! The best book, bar none I’ve ever read on the topic. I found this book to be positively outstanding. Trying to cover the topic of FileMaker comprehensively is no small challenge, I’m sure. The author has done this, all the while being an easy read along your journey. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn the ins and outs of FileMaker or expand their already existing knowledge of this truly one of a kind product.”

— James G. Hankins, Amazon Review

“I received my FileMaker Pro 16 book and it is of great help! To my experience even online on Youtube, forums etc. it is hard to get clear information. Not to mention the limited info from Filemaker itself. So thank you for being there!”

— Aart Gerritsen, Facebook comment

“…it is written in an easy to follow manner…”

“This book is an incredibly comprehensive reference for FileMaker Pro 16. I taught myself the program in order to make a database for personal use and this book was with me the entire way – it is written in an easy to follow manner, which was great. I could not have done it without Learn FileMaker Pro 16. If I could give it six stars, I would.”

— Marcus B Doshi, Amazon Review

“Everything is well explained, very understandable and practical. It is equally suitable for beginners and professionals. A must in every developer library. I recommend it!”

— Robert Ebmer, Amazon Review (Translated from German)

“A must if you are developing in the FileMaker environment.”

“Comprehensive guide, aimed to intermediate and advanced users. A must if you are developing in the FileMaker environment.”

— Julio Arellano, Amazon Review

“It has relieved a lot of my anxiety as a noob to FM (but not to db development). It differs from “Missing Manual” in that it’s written with development discipline in mind, the “Missing” book being more a collection of “how-to” articles without high-level context. In short, Munro underscores the  importance of technical design and the big picture, which I’ve been seeking specific to FM before I can start doodling and planning. I highly recommend this book for beginners and pros alike.”

— Kenuy, FileMaker Community Website

“If you need a book that provides a clear, cogent and coherent discussion on database development in the Filemaker environment, this is the book to buy. It provides answers to your questions and procedures for developing a usable database. With this text you can build that database and understand what you are doing and understand why you should do it in a certain manner. And when you need to come back to it (the database) and modify it or add features, you will be happy you have this book as a reference.”

— BobAho, Amazon Review (excerpts)

“…a superb reference for all levels of FileMaker users.”

“What a superb reference for all levels of FileMaker users. Suitable for beginners to professionals there really is something for everyone in this huge book. At well over 900 pages it has all the information you need to create solutions using FileMaker including for IPad and mobile connections to your databases. Superb and well recommended.”

— Mitch_uk, Amazon (UK) Review

“Quick look through – what a resource. A tremendous amount of effort has gone into this book. Without a doubt – this must have been a labour of love!”

— Mark Mitchell, Facebook Comment

“It is very comprehensive. Extensive TOC and index makes it an excellent resource. With more than 900 pages, you can build your knowledge of FileMaker and build your muscles at the same time.”

— Patrick Shepard, Facebook Comment

“…it’s actually worth more than the asking price!”

“Worth every penny – dare I say it’s actually worth more than the asking price! I’ve got the PDF version and not had time to read every page – it’s a massive piece – however the style of writing and quality of content is some of the best I’ve seen in this kind of publication. It’s not just a guide to FileMaker but also an excellent guide to database planning and the things to take into consideration from both developer and user stand points. Absolutely top notch.”

— Jason Hicking, Amazon (UK) Review

“I just got my copy. What an extraordinary gift to the community. My ‘bricks and mortar’ library dates back to ‘Filemaker Pro 3 Bible’ (Steven Schwartz) and ‘Scriptology’ (Matt Petrowsky and John Mark Osborne). This is the most astonishingly comprehensive volume yet! What an achievement!”

— Stephen Wonfor, Facebook Comment

“I specially like the way in which book is organised and I think I will be falling in love with Part III: Writing Formulas and Using Functions where ALL of the functions are listed and explained. It looks like Mark really managed to reference everything that FM 16 has to give and there is a great looking Index at the end, so definitely a very useful book to have. Thank you, great effort and great result.”

— Milan Mujovic, Facebook Comment